Session 5:
Economic Proposals to Open and Facilitate the Relationship of North Korea and the World

Wednesday, February 2: 1:00- 2:10 PM EST

It is over 70 years since the outbreak of the Korean War and the peoples of North and South Korea remain divided at the 38 parallel. Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Dr Hak Ja Han Moon visited North Korea in November 1991 for a then unimaginable personal meeting with North Korea’s Great Leader, Kim Il Sung, in a dramatic effort to initiate a reconciliation of the two nations.  This IMAP session is part of a larger effort to understand and present the challenges facing the people of North Korea with a commitment and hope for achieving lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.

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Moderator: Mr. Mario Salinas, World Media Group


  • USA: Guy Taylor, Journalist Security Team Leader, The Washington Times
  • Brasil: Liliana Gonçalves, Journalist, Producer and TV Presenter


  • Nicaragua: MSc.Yessenia Cortez Martinez, Gerente VosTv.
  • Guatemala: Periodista Fernando Lopez, Former Director Diffusion of the Arts and Sports office of the Ministry of Culture of Guatemala
  • Peru: Periodista Angel Sanchez President of the Federation of Journalists of Peru; and Secretary General of IMAP Peru