Session 8:
Art and Culture in Action as a Pathway to Harmony

Thursday, February 3: 1:00- 2:10 PM EST

Art serves as a portal to beauty, truth and goodness in every country and culture in the world and always has. People perceive art differently, and they like different things, but music, painting, poetry, dance and numerous other forms of expression have the ability to speak to the highest emotional and spiritual center of an individual, a society or the entire world. Some say the goal of artistic expression is to connect us to the divine within us and to create a community of others connected by peace, transcendent love and harmony. Therefore, art, in the act of changing, calming and improving humanity, occupies a worthy place among the other human endeavors of politics, business, scholarship and religion.

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Moderator: Kaeleigh Moffitt, Director of Government Relations, UPF USA


  • South Korea: Dr. David Eaton, Director, Hyo Jeong Youth Orchestra
  • U.S.A.: Rev. Jermaine Williams, Gospel Artist; Youth Pastor for Oak Gardens Church
  • U.S.A.: Ms. Bobbie Chance, Bobbie Chance Acting Studio, "Acting Coach to the Stars" named by "E" Entertainment
  • U.S.A.: Dr. Joseph Terwilliger, Tubaist, Ureuk Symphony Orchestra
  • Paraguay: Lidia Victoria Giménez Amarilla, Composer, Author and Musician
  • Peru: C. César Villalobos Leiva, Musician, Actor, Composer, Chiropractor and Healer
  • Bahamas: Dr. Ann Higgins, President, World Dance Council UNESCO-Nassau Bahamas Section